Writer, Photographer, Traveller, Designer, Artist and Dreamer



At the moment of writing, this blog is still more of a private account of things that I wonder about and reflections on life, my Travel accounts and since you might not even know me, the world out of a stranger’s eyes. Last but not least I also feature my art and photography.


Waiting for my first flight solo

I am Nadja.

Let me tell you a bit about myself;
I was born with an incredible elongated head in 1981, but since the doctors modelled it back into shape, they prevented a beautiful grand career in the travelling freak-show and thus I had to go and find something different to do with my life.

Now I am a European ((Born in Germany, lived in the Netherlands, Great Britain and now in Spain. I don’t feel German, Dutch, British or Spanish. I try to take the best from each culture with me and evolve.)), Designer ((I am an enthusiastic and creative graphic designer and multimedia engineer with 6+ years experience of print and web design.)), Writer ((I started writing for several music magazines, such as but not limited to powermetal.de and German Rock Magazine as well as having my own online magazine together with a colleague as I was living in Germany.  After I moved to the Netherlands I stopped writing for them and started to write for international webzines but couldn’t combine it with my life back then. In the past years, I found my passion back and started this blog. As a writer, I keep refining my skills and practise my passion frequently now.)), Photographer ((I always had the urge, but no notion of technique. I wouldn’t say I am the next DaVinci of SLR’s but I have gotten better to the point that I dare say, my photography can be very pleasing to the eye.)), Traveller ((I travel when I can and dream about the next destination when I stare into space. You can see my travel map on TripAdvisor)), Diver ((As a PADI Divemaster I am now looking to further my education to Instructor.)), Artist ((I create ‘things’ and write blog posts, lyrics or poetry)), Dreamer ((Next to the obligatory daydreaming about places to go, things to photograph and projects to finish, I also have a Bucketlist and an Amazon wish list.)) and human after all.


In my experience, life is like a river with ups and downs and bends. It just goes on and on and situations change slowly. And sometimes you have a waterfall dropping down. A new chapter, a fork in the road.

Mine was in 2oo2 for the first time. I fell in love and moved from Germany to the Netherlands, where I changed from wanting to discover the world in a tour bus to buying a house and live with boyfriend and cats in the suburbs. I thought I had met my soulmate. My Neo to choose the red pill with. The Clyde to my Bonnie. ‘The one’ as always ‘advertised’ in farytales and phantasy stories. I was ok with giving up everything I knew and most of what I wanted. But in the end, fairytales are beautiful stories you tell yourself and that story ended in 2014. And with that, the waterfall dropped me first into a basin as turbulent as a washing machine,then spat me out into the landscape of Andalusia, where I found the waters to be very calm till now((just sticking with the metaphor ?)).

As beautiful as it is, Spain is a challenge for me and in difficulty certainly a level-up over the Netherlands. For one I don’t have a boyfriend to decipher the language for me and therefore helping me learn quicker to communicate. That also prevents me from getting to know Spanish people fast, but my boyfriend works with some and the ones we did meet are great. However, I did make friends more easy this time then in the Netherlands. I joined a lot of groups, work as volunteer and discovered the close community of so called Expats. I am sure that community existed in the Netherlands too and you wonder under what rock I lived there, but it feels to me like I found some sort of association, not unlike the secret free masons((which to me where less secret then the expats ?)).  Concerts are rare and far apart but in exchange, you get 200+ days of sun and not only that, but most of the days blue sky. In summer we forgot how clouds look like. The food is something to get used too, but with our determination we found a few places that have delicious modern Spanish and mixed nationality food. I just have to learn how to cook with the ingrediance at hand and identify the ones that should be known to me. The roads are another ‘thing’ to get used to. Next to being curvy and very often beside gaping cliffs, they also have opposite camber, are peppered with potholes and the heat makes them as slippery as an icy mirror. But when you drive through the landscape you soon will forget about them and just enjoy the rolling hills, orange trees and sun-kissed beaches in your view.

I again threw away the idea of the tour bus, and I again moved in with a guy((well we moved here together)), but this time I didn’t settle because of a sparkling fantasy. I did because I don’t feel the restlessness in my bones anymore. I still have the desire to travel, but I am good staying where I am ((for now at least)). Here is enough beauty, challenge, fur, adventure and love and things to write about to keep me occupied for quite a while.


I love to travel, but I rarely managed to get off my continent. I always dreamed of the pyramids, aztec temples, 7 world wonders etc and of course the great american road trip. Unfortunately one door in my life had to start closing for me to have the courage to open up another.

In 2014 I finally went on the trip of a lifetime. 81 days in the USA from which I spend 52 days on the Road. 12578 km of road beneath the wheels. I have visited 13 states and 2 countries and marvelled over nature, culture and myself.

Back then I still had to sort out a lot about my live and I might have missed some amazing opportunities and experiences, but it did show me how much of my own potential I am not using and how much I still have to get to know myself.  Even traveling is a skill you learn over time.


Only the best I can… I try to gather as much experiences as possible with the goal to have no regrets at the end of my life’s journey. That includes to see as much of the world as possible. I love to travel and though it’s not always easy for me,  to push myself out of my comfort zone to experience life and other cultures.


I believe that we are our own greatest enemies and that we are paralysed by fear and doubt way too often. My blog is a path through my paralyses and an attempt to live open and fearlessly.