What’s the difference between your Categories and Tags?

Well, categories are used to broadly group post topics together, e.g. “Through Glass” are all photography related posts. Tags have a narrower scope and are used to describe the post in more detail, e.g. “Street Photography ” or “iPhone”.


The number next to the categories are the articles added to the categories. Click to see the categories content:

Art are anything I created and want to show here rather than on my Facebook or Instagram page.
Common Adventure are my day to day thoughts.
Fernweh are my travel stories.
Quotes are self-explanatory.
Rock ‘n Roll all night are concert reviews, tour diaries, interviews and anything else that might have to do with music.
Through the Glass are posts about photography in general, galleries or tutorials.

Tag Cloud

These are my Tags. I use tags to summarize what the article is about. A genera emotion, a band, a place… tags are more difficult for me to assign, but here we go. How bigger a tag, how more articles are assigned to a tag. Articles are usually in one category but have more than one tag.

Animals Annihilator Art Band Beach Change Concert Death Dentist Depression Emotions Experience Family Fear Feminism Friends Health Heartache Hope Ink Interview Life Loneliness Loss Love Memories Music Musician Nature New Beginnings Oil Paint Photography Preparations Quote Reflection Road Social Media Soul Searching Tour Diary Travel Travel diary USA Watercolor Writing Yellowstone