Growling at the rain

Being back in Austin is great. Unfortunate, its “unusual weather” for the time of year and it’s been raining a lot. It’s still warm but not nice enough to use the pool really. But I am stubborn that way and go swimming once or twice anyway.

We are starting to wrap up things, putting the car through cleaning and up for sale.

Still gotta pack and then the dream is over. Sitting here on the couch, thinking about the trip… it was quite amazing what we have seen.


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What happens in Vegas….is really wet.

“Gosh, this is unusual weather for this time of year” – year I would say. Its my birthday and I am in a desert city, but it is too wet to go to the pool and we just heard that the road we wanted to take tomorrow got washed away… happy birthday to me!

Didn’t we had some waypoints?

Somehow we just got driving. Busy with our lives back home and the thoughts of what we need to do and want to do once this soul searching trip will end. somewhere along the way we forgot our waypoints and we forgot to talk to each other. However as we stopped for food we where just a crossing away from Calico Ghost town and decided spontaneously to pay it a visit.