We made our way to Victoria station in the morning and caught a coach to Stansted. But it took longer as it was supposed to be and so we had to hurry! We arrived just 35 min. before departure!!!! At Ryan Air terminal we checked in, but Claudia’s photo case was heavier then on our way to the U.K. which was strange, coz it was less inside. No time for arguing!

So Claudia had to check it in as fragile item. Thanks to all the people who were in the queue before us and let us get in first, we just made it for our flight!

So we arrived at gate 4 where we were supposed to leave from… But the gate was changed and everything delayed. We left from gate 11 and after a 50 min. long flight arrive at Eindhoven.

Soon we had our big blue bag back and met some friends outside who came to pick us up. But when we tried to pick up Claudia’s photo case, we had to learn that it wasn’t there! Great!!!! A nice woman from Ryan Air checked the left over luggage with me and we filled in a form. She expected that the photo case was still in Stansted!

She promised me to call Stanstedt immediately and that it will be in Eindhoven the next day. She also told us, that there is the minimalchance that it got lost, but I should expect to get it the next day by courier. Okay, so we left later than expected and headed directly to Dortmund.

The bands had a travel day to Paris and we were on the way to the Century Media headquarters to meet Timo Kotipelto of STRATOVARIUS.

Arriving there just in time we had to explain the Finnish singer that our luggage is still in the U.K. and that we have to do the interview without a tape recorder. He was really nice and understanding.

If you want to know how it went wit him, you can read the interview!

(Written by Claudia and me)

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