This interview was originally supposed to be done by my colleague Claudia, but she was sick and so I had to take over. Unfortunately I haven’t heard much of the band before and Claudia hadn’t prepared any questions….Doing it for too long… But the guys were really nice and after explaining the situation I sat down with main man Darren Wharten.

Here’s the interview, hope you like it!

Good evening, nice to meet you!

Darren: Nice to meet you, too! Okay, let’s start. I’m a little bit tired!

Okay! How would you describe your music!

I think, what we try to be is truthful. Really… It is all about making music to fit in to the heavy metal scene. You know, we’re not really a heavy metal band at all. We just a band – we like to write music and get passionate of it. We’re not really heavy a rock band. We just like to write music and it includes power chords and guitars.

I don’t know how you describe this really, but I don’t wanna be in this category of a heavy metal band. We not even wanna be compared – I’m not interested in that. It is our own sound and that’s it! And that’s the way I see it!

Okay! Downstairs some people think, you’ve loose power during the years. Could you agree?

It’s not heavy enough, yeah? They say it’s not heavy. I don’t wanna be heavy!



You know, I’m 40 years old! I’m not a heavy rocker! I’m a nice guy!

I’m not going to try pretend something I’m not. I think there is a lot bands out there, they pretending to be something that they not really know, you know. I’ve done the heavy stuff. I did it with THIN LIZZY. I don’t wanna be a facade. I just wanna be truthful to myself, you know. Musically, I don’t care, if people mean we’re not heavy enough.

So you create the music for yourself?!

I do for people. I do for people who want truth, musically. I don’t do it to create a facade. I don’t want to create something false. I’m not a heavy rocker. None of the guys in the band are into heavy metal. I think it gives me a headache …


Just put it on you headline “It gives me a headache..”

It’s for young kids. I look like I was younger, but I don’t. I think it’s a lot of pretending, you know?! Some bands are doing it really good, but a lot of bands out there pretending their attitude. But their not really ….

How would you describe your time with THIN LIZZY?

Very, very good! *sparkel in his eyes and a big smile* That’s when I was a rocker, you know. That was my twenties and I really enjoyed that. Those living was truthful. That’s when it was real. That was what I was than. It was fantastic… But it wasn’t a facade. It wasn’t a joke, it wasn’t like pretending what we were, the music was what it was. It is very, very real. There was no pretence . And so we really enjoyed it. And from that point of view it was fun! That’s the main thing that you trying to keep the suggestion on what the music is about.

I hate doing music I don’t believe in. That’s something worse enough. That’s sad enough. If you doing things, you not believe in, you’ll become really, really sad. So I just try to do in what I believing in. You know, the thing is, they punches of things we’re doing in the past. We all are getting older, we all getting older

We’ have to…

Not you *smile*


In time I will…

A year and when you getting older, you wanna get listen that people that you can see the intensity … You know?! I don’t know, if you could understand what I’m saying, but…


You understand it?

I think the most, yeah!…ähm… the important things *smile*

Good ! *smiles too*

What do you like in being on tour?

Well, I don’t like to be on tour. I enjoy to play the music, but at all I get nervous.

It is normal , isn’t it?

Probably yeah! *laughter*

So your thing is to play at the studio…

I prefer that…

I heard you want to do a solo album?! ..Maybe?!…

Not really. The last album is quiet like a solo album…. Maybe…ähm… I don’t know…Coz sometimes I write really gentle music.

They’re quit none like rock. I wanna get a little bit more sensitive and older . I don’t really wanna be writing rock music, you know. I don’t wanna kill myself … I’m not really bored about a solo album. I would do. I’ve got plenty of songs… I think I’ve canceled the point….

So it is not planed, but it could be in time…

Yes, right…

Why you choose so much younger musician than you are for your band?

To make me look young!


Oh… Okay! ..Ähm… Not really,  or?

All are younger than I’ am … I’m always the old guy at that…

Daddy ..

Yeah, daddy… I’m the daddy of the band…So, but who cares… *smile*

What you think about the first gig on tour here in Essen?

I don’t know why the sound was so low, but I enjoyed it myself. I was quiet relaxed. I had fun. What did you think?

Hey, that’s my interview. *laughter* But I think it was good, yes. Such mistakes like the microphone at the support seems to be normal at the first show… But I’ve enjoyed it…


Yes, why should I lie… Do you play festivals, too?

Don’t know… Summer Breeze?!

Yes, could be. I read something like that …

So, you come back and have a drink…a cold one..

Sure, and than I know more about you. What do you expect from this tour?



Yeah! We see some other places and do some shows and that’s it.

Okay, and what do you planed for the future?

Just to write some more albums. Trying to write the best song I’ve ever written. Just wanna write really nice songs, which beat some people. That’s all I wanna do. Just to touch some people… Oh.. Not this way… Musically!


Yes, yes… I understand! I don’t think anything else!


What you think is the best song you’ve written ‘til now?

I got proud of some…. I got proud of a lot of songs I’ve written… King of Spades, We will be friends… Do you know it?

Sorry, that’s the first time I’ve ever heard some of your songs…

It’s okay, but you have to listen to the albums, really!

Yes I’ll do!

Really? Promise?

Yes. Trust me! You can test me at Summer Breeze!

Okay… If you ask a songwriter, he’ll only tell you he wants to write. I just wanna let people see things with my songs, that the songs come to life than.

You sounds a little bit like a human which live only for the moment.

I’m only really interested to write a song and that the people like it. They know it … I don’t wanna lie to myself…. That is basically for a musician … Just to write songs…

OK.. You look very tired… Should we stop here? We can go on at Summer Breeze!

Yes, I’m very tired… Thank you…

Thanks a lot Darren for your patience with me.

Till next time I will prepare myself a bit better. 😉

Nadja Meyer

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