Since we somehow started our trip a tad early, we decided to drive a bit deeper into New Mexico and have a look at all the Ufologists that surely have to be hanging around Roswell, planning on 2 full days of stay we both thought. We had no illusions about Roswell and surely its nothing like on television, but there must be something fun to see or do.

Well we apparently still had plenty of illusions left. For example the one that you could get food after 8pm on a Saturday. In fact all but 3 establishments close arund 8 pm. So after securing a place to stay we went out in hunt for food and found it in a (not that good) Thai restaurant. At least the waiter was as friendly as you possibly could wish. For me as european, maybe even a bit too friendly. Did he spike my drink?!

After dinner we decided to have a taste of the Roswell night life and soon regretted this decision too.

I have a high tolerance for bad music, some even say I listen to it out of free will, but Hass’s tolerance is a little lower so we went back home after our Alien Ale and 4 really poor cover songs.

The next day we decided to give ‘down town’ and the alien museum a chance. It was cozy 87f, though cozy was the last word Hass would have used for it. I think his equivalent was ‘scorching’ …

Down town was nothing more than a hand full of alien souvenier shops, which all smelled plenty ‘funky’, each in its own distinct way, unoccupied shops and the museum.

The museum was actually quite cute done. Nothing I would go out of my way for, but the one that collected and assembled it, seemd to have done so with love and care.

Unfortunately its not a days excursion and so we just went back to the motel to watch at least some alien movies.

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