Next stop: Colorado Springs. We arrived in quite wet weather which – as we heard now already so often – is entirely unusual for this time of year and with a tree wedged under our car. After different attempts – driving through pools of water, elevating the car by driving half onto a very high curb and simply trying to reach it – we just gave up and hoped the zombie-like scratching noise would disappear at some point.

We started the next morning with some culture and had the Manitou Cliff dwellings as the first point on the list. The Manitou Clif Dwellings are a site where Native Americans had lived in stone dwellings carved out of the red rocks. It was quite educational and nice that you can climb in and around the rooms. The doorways were just about right for me and you could imagine how the average size of the human being has changed over the years.

After roaming the gift shop and buying magnets of every state we are going to pass through, we went to the old city of colorado springs, but it didn’t appeal to us. So we went on to the ghost town museum, where an old gold miner village was rebuilt. Here you could have a look how the houses have been equipped, shoot a fake rifle, watch a movie about the pilgrims and the gold rush, pan for gold and get a lot of hands-on information.

This concluded the cultural part of the evening. For dinner and some drinks in the evening we followed up on a tip that we received in a local coffee bar.

Not far from our motel, a school had been turned into a micro brewery and some of the classrooms into delies and a cocktail bar. Perfect to taste the local atmosphere and food.

The place was packed and, as far as we gathered, not many tourists make it here. As the evening progressed, we moved from the brewery with food to the cocktail bar. Here we played cocktail roulette and their bar was a chalkboard on which Hass and I took turns to create strange creatures.

Colorado Springs seems very friendly and its easy to get in contact with the locals… well at least short before closing time in a cocktail bar 😛

Tomorrow we will be moving on to Denver ….

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