Not much to tell folks. We just have been exploring and shopping today.

Photo taken by Nadja Meyer.

South Congress Avenue mostly. There are some quirky shops Hass found on his last visit and also 2 boot shops and I am in the market for new biker boots.
As we walked in the first shop, I was taken by how neat it is and how many different shaft heights and patterns and colors and leathers such a small shop could present in such a neat fashion. I guessed that the bigger shops we’ve seen from the highway would have even more overwhelming amounts of choice, but I really liked the atmosphere here and also the two ladies helping the customers. You’re not allowed to touch the boots, which is understandable, considering that you have oil and maybe even other stuff on your fingers and leather responds to such things. I wouldn’t want to get the leather conditioned again after every sightseer.

Anyhow, Hass and I looked for a few patterns that suited me and the ladies have been also very helpful in that regard. I doubted first that I will buy a pair of boots here, coz I always made fun of pointy toed shoes, but after I tested the first pair a few times in between others and in the end I just couldn’t stop my mouth from saying: “I’ll take them”

I am now a proud owner of real, handmade, tex-mex Cowboy boots… oh well, I can ride a (steel-)horse with them…

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