The rain came in and we didn’t think any animals will come out to play. So we went to discover the village of West Yellowstone.

Hass spotted a sign “Big gun Fun” and announced that we would get another Zombie skill scratched off our list. Horse back riding was still queued up and scuba diving for him, so we might as well add shooting to that list.

We went into the gun range and a nice lady gave us the ‘menu’. You could choose out of film pack (shoot the guns you have seen in the movies) or single handguns and rifles. We decided to shoot a pump action rifle, because thats used most in zombie movies and each of us chose a handgun that suited us most.

We also could choose our targets and we have been delighted to find Zombies under the possible target papers. You can choose out of 4 different Zombies. Hass chose the nazi-zombie out of dead snow and – like me – a standard zombie. I added instead of the nazie-zombie a clown-zombie to my selection. Nothing is more scary than a clown… well yes, the zombieclown!

As a true lady I let Hass shoot first. That way I could study how bad the recoil was and get shocked about the noise a few times, so it wouldn’t shock me when it was my turn.

Our instructor took the time to explain how to hold the gun, what is going to happen and of course how to get the safty off and shoot.

Hass did very well. His zombies didn’t have a chance :p But he was surprised that the shells of the handgun come at you and get you out of your rhythm.

My handgun didn’t do that, but pulling the trigger the first time took me some courage. I was quite intimidated by the weight of my gun and the sound that came out of Hass’ gun before. The teacher asked twice if I was ok, because I started shaking somewhen in between taking pictures and taking my place in the gun stall. I however ensured him I’m just nervouse and all will be fine after that first shot. And I was right. I am no genius wonder child with the gun, but I might have a chance to survive against the traditional zombies. The first zombie kind, you know the slow sort?!

The pump action gun was the most fun though – we both agreed on that. I seemed to be slightly better with it too, than with the hand gun. Also there is something destinct primal about shooting targets and though we got more ammunition then we first expected, it was very quick over.

For the rest of the day we decided to visit the bear and wolf center to get to know more about our friend we photographed yesterday. Afterwards we went for some food. It looked like a diner from the outside, but surprised us as we stepped inside and down the stairs. They build booths looking like pilgrim wagons and in the center of the room where some stuffed animals in a desert sceen by the fire. It was nice done and the food was ok.

The weather didn’t really improve so we went home for some writing and movies.

What do you think?: