I got hacked more often before, but till now it was always just an exchanged index file or something very juvenile and easy to be fixed.

This time it was rather serious. My e-mail address got used to send out spam and my php files had been injected with malware and trojans. Arnold and Cradle in Echos page had been restored rather quickly.

I will have to be more vigilant with security AND backups of my wordpress installation. This time I had no usable backup.

However, I had success after a few days to recover this blog, but lost the battle with the 3 others. Luckily I merged 2 of them a few months ago with this one, so the poetry and travel accounts are not lost. Just Firesmith is unfortunately gone.

The page, however, wasn’t particular up to date anyhow. So I at least have now incentive to redo the page after all 🙂

What do you think?: