My sweet angel died at the age of 45 through a Heart attack and was dead immediately.

Nothing prepared us for the shock and loneliness we should experience to this day and forth on.

Plans still had been made before and ideas were talked over and nothing changed the terrible truth that none of the plans and ideas will be possible anymore.

It is difficult to sit down now and write about an incident that you haven’t fully grasped yet. But I want to create a monument for an incredibly special person.

Those who met her knew about her special magic and those who missed out on her only have these words to try and imagine her.

Is been 9 days that she passed away and 6 days ago I said my last goodbye to the shell of my mothers’ soul. I do and will keep missing her incredibly – All her bad and more important good side that made her so special and unique.

My mother was an Angel to me, but by far no saint and that made her even more lovable.

I miss her and shall so the rest of my life.

Photo taken by Nadja Meyer.

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