I have just seen a video in which was mentioned that there are planned 50+ superhero movies of which 3 star a female super hero. I wonder how that can be. The video mentioned also that there is nearly no princess Leah merchandise in the star wars corner of disneyworld, no black widow action figure and in general a lack of female superheroes girls can identify with.

I am sure you think our world has much more serious problems than little girls, that don’t get an action figure with boobs. Probably you are right, but we also know how important role models are. And if we want to tackle the worlds biggest problems, we have to start somewhere. I do think this is a good point to start because shaping the next generation is the key of global change.

How can a female superhero change future generations? By teaching our kids, that we are equal: SuperTina is just as cool, strong, courageous and witty as IronTobi. Tina could become a superhero, scientist, doctor or cook if she would like to be. She might be pretty, but that is not her main trait.

The thought of equality starts with your children. Tobi needs to see Tina as his equal. Not as the little princes that doesn’t climb trees, doesn’t get dirty and is only ever told how pretty she is and never how smart, strong or adventurous.
Tina needs to hear that she can do and be what she wants. That it was great, she tried to solve the math issue, programmed her own soda machine or became first or second in mountain-biking races.
Otherwise she just becomes as million of woman today: insecure about anything she does, afraid her look will fade and she looses with her looks her worth in our society.
I am – as many other woman I know – a superhero!

I rescue cats and help animals where I can. I am pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I try things I am terrified of. I am there for my friends. I try to be kind, helpful, considered, open minded, creative, sexy, funny, courages, loyal and very likely much more.

Sandra Chapman is a superhero.
She has many awesome traits but as example she is creative, strong when she doesn’t feel it. She has humour and beauty to just name a few. She also juggles 2 kids and a study mostly on her own – which you have to agree – is not easy!

Monique Arntz is a superhero.
She is witty, smart, determined, trustworthy, an awesome friend, sassy, cute, resourceful and more. She also decided later then usual in life to go back to university, study archaeology and kick some ass by getting some of the best grades of her year, being also nominated for awards and even though she had some financial and living arrangement obstacles, she is just growing stronger and more determined to get her phd.

Joyce Corvers is a superhero.
She is intelligent, bubbly, friendly, fashionable, vegetarian, dependable, thoughtful and rescues guineapigs. For a job and her heart, she moved from her safe childhood home into the big scary city of Amsterdam. Next to her full-time job, she volunteers to help teenagers find their way in the jungle of life choices and job applications. She also is busy starting her own business, being a life coach for grownups.

Melissa Vaughn is a superhero.
She is charming, communicative, a genius in networking, astute, resourceful in planning and social match making, compassionate, exuberant and a present walking in the room. She works hard to promote and support her husband in following his dream. That dream includes long times apart, attention from a lot of fans and therefore a lot of trust and love. She also is active in her community, makes sure newcomers to the country or area are feeling welcome, brings people together that might befriend or could benefit each other in their businesses, whilst fighting for a better life for street cats.

This are just a few examples of woman real life superheroes and in each description just a few of their awesome character traits as people are glorious complex human beings.
I wanted to highlight that woman can grow up to be superheroes despite our societies view of woman and we do so all in our own way. Why can’t society reflect this in the movies, action figures, comics and stories we tell our children?

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  1. I feel blessed to have you as my friend Nadja! You are kind, generous, and incredibly strong. You have not had the easiest life, you have had to overcome many obstacles along the way. I cherish your ability to see the beauty in things and people and your child-like sense of wonder and joy, something so many adults lose along the way. You are one of the people in my life whom I know will always be there for me, who I can confide in and I know you will tell me when you think I’m wrong ;-), but you will never judge me. You are smart, creative, strong and loving. You are a super hero!


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