Photo taken by Nadja Meyer.
Learning horseback riding

What an awesome morning. After an incredibly fun night yesterday, I had quite some energy this morning. Someone I really wished all the best, got the apartment they hoped for, I managed to finish all my chores before I went Horseriding for the 2nd time in my life. The first time didn’t end up as well as this time. All my bones are still on its place this time around and I think the horses even liked me. I think, if I lose some weight, a horse even looks good on me 😛 Ekky is going crazy for the horse smell on my clothes too.

I also bought flowers to spruce up the garden and I am about to take a dip in the pool after I successfully planted the flowers.

Rest of the week looks awesome too. Spanish lesson, oil painting and jewellery making classes, diving on Saturday and Sunday lunch with friends and their friends. And I finally found someone to go Inline Skating with. Life is sunny and awesome people!!

Hope your week started as good as mine!

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