I used to work for several online and print music magazines and I even had my own online magazine together with a few friends at some point. Chaos Masters Magazine was a lot of blood, sweat and tears, but I think we had a lot of fun and the musicians, crew members and supporting staff enjoyed working with us. Because I applied for some writing scholarships and jobs in the music busness I had to think back to that time and figured, these intervews are scattered all over the net, but not linked to my own page in any way. Some got lost, because of corruption during coping files. Also I will have to translate some and check the grammar on others. I am far from perfect, but I learnd quite a lot since 2002.

I will upload the following interviews alphabtically over the next weeks:

I had some more. Some got just lost, some more as bad qualetie mp3, but the transcripts got lost in the corrupted files. This are the ones I an remember or have notes on, but cant upload:

At vanced 2002
Blaze Baily 2002
Doro 2004-07
HairOfTheDog 2002-02
Maasterplan 2004-04
Pentagram 2002-05
Pretty Maids 2002
Sentenced 2002-01
Virgin Steel 2002

What do you think?: