To host or not to host

Hosting providers always pull you in with an “incredible” offer and then when your year is up, the price you are supposed to pay is 2 or 3 times as higher as you started the contract with. I always thought, that this is not the best way to keep loyal clients but it seems to work for them. I, however, move my sites and blogs to the next host and the cycle again. It does become tiring and frustrating and after witnessing my pain for the 5th time, Hass proposed to find me a solution which will mean I only pay for my usage and I don’t have to move as long as the tech titan Amazon S3 will exist.

This, however, came with another painful adjustment and bending of code and shifting posts and pictures and such… however if all goes well, its the last time for a while. I also decided with this change, to send my blog on a diet. I removed anything before 2014, except the music-related posts, revisited some of the posts to add some pictures or update the style and also gave a new jacket to the entire blog so my photography will be more prominent going forward.

A couple of strange things happened with the move and I apologize if you have gotten an e-mail confirming your comment from 4 years ago. All in all I am very happy with the changes and I hope you will enjoy this improved version!

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Hacking Hack

I got hacked more often before, but till now it was always just an exchanged index file or something very juvenile and easy to be fixed. This time it was rather serious. My e-mail address got used to send out spam and my php files had been injected with malware …