Photo taken by Nadja Meyer.

Today we arrived early at Aachen. On our way to the venue we saw Jonas and Micko sitting outside a pub and asked them for the way, coz we weren’t sure about the directions.

We parked at the venue and were hanging out with band, crew and friends. Everybody had too much business today and so we skipped the interviews and decided to do them by email.

The bands were planning some jokes and everybody was excited and curious about it. A small venue again and nobody expected many visitors, seemed that this will be a show for bands and their friends…It was a long wait and we meet a lot of new friends as well. One girl called Joyce seemed to be as crazy as me and since Claudia was busy, I hooked up with her for this show.

(17th October 2006 – I would at that time have never expected, that she would become one of my best friends)

A lot happened during the set but therefore read the concert review.

After the show, everybody was hanging out with friends and while the crew loaded the last stuff the bands gathered outside to talk for the last time.

Tonight it was definitely time to say good-bye… After awhile a circle was built and everybody had to do the ‘final dance’.

A lot of fun! Then Michael told everybody to get together in front of the bus for a photo.

The bands and crew gathered and me as well as some friends did the photo. Flashes lightened up the dark and then someone had the idea that everybody should turn and show his ‘full moon’ and they did! Okay, not everybody, but the photos can proof who did!

The local crew told us to be not that loud, coz people who live next to the venue might call the police. BigBig took over the job and kept an eye on it that it didn’t get too out of hand. Everybody used the last chance to exchange addresses and email addies, to talk the last time and we had to say good-bye as well.

A sad moment, but a few of them we will see again soon others… Who knows? But we all made new friends on this tour and we’re all looking forward to seeing each other again somewhere in time…

(Written by Claudia and me)

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