Biebob, Vosselaar

Again we wanted to go to Vosselaar to the Biebob. It seems that this day was under an unlucky star, coz when we arrived at the venue we just had the chance to say good-bye to Jeff Singer. We wished him all the best, coz his brother was in the hospital and he wanted to go back home. That meant that Blaze couldn’t play tonight, coz it was impossible to find someone to replace Jeff. Also, Bobby Ellsworth had received a negative message from home. Hope that my run of bad luck won’t pass over to them, but the show must go on! A real metalhead has to go on!

At the moment when Wicked Mystic entered the stage, we recognized two persons who we saw a day ago on stage at the Dynamo Club farewell open-air. It was the founding member and singer of Helstar James Riviera and one of the Helstar guitarists talking to the tour manager Dirk Lehberger. We had to take the chance and do an interview spontaneous. The Americans agreed, even if it was a pity that we missed most of the show of the Dutch Wicked MYSTIC, coz what we heard and saw was pretty good. But we will see more shows on this tour, there will be another chance!

I was curious to see Overkill, coz Claudia kept annoying me for weeks, first because she wanted to get the dates, then because she couldn’t way to see them first on tour. Besides that, I hadn’t really listened to anything of the New Yorkers before, so I didn’t have any expectations.

The first thing which I recognized and which was fascinating was the strong stage presence of Derek ‘The Skull’ Taylor. Sympathetic and slightly mysteriously he played like his life was depending on his guitar play. Next Bobby Ellsworth caught my attention. Even living legends get older, but on stage, he seems to be younger and many youngsters look old in comparison. During the first tracks, the crowd went crazy and it wasn’t easy for me to do photos and the band is always in motion…

After the third track, Bobby welcomed the fans and after joking around for a while the band let it go. I decided to enter the stairs and watch it for a while. Overkill played Deny The Cross and Hello To The Gutter to heat up the audience and the fans started moshing. But the Belgium and Dutch Overkill fans take care of each other in the mosh pit. Whenever someone is stumbling and falling, they give a helping hand and make sure he’s all right. Good to know that the Overkill fans care of each other!

During the medley of Wrecking Crew and  Power Surge, I recognized D.D. Verni and guitarist Dave Linsk first while they were playing their solos. Sorry, guys!

Songs like Years Of Decay, To Shred, I Hate and Thunderhead they continued. The guys really enjoyed playing live and so Long Time Dying was one of the highlights, perhaps because it’s one of their favourites as their homepage say.

Bobby tried to read the setlist and take a breath, coz it was hot and sweaty and was wondering about the number of titles with have ‘head’ in the setlist. Then it was time for Hammerhead which he announced roaring, but with a smile. Afterwards, he introduced the band, especially drummer extraordinary Tim Mallare. And then it was time for Elimination which is part of their set for quite a while now.  In Union We Stand Bobby introduced with some words about the terroristic attacks of Sep. 11th 2001. „Actually we had a good view on the event!“ he said with a sarcastic smile after he mentioned that everybody in the band knew people who worked their, friends and family members who lost someone. So, In Union, We Stand had special meaning! At least after hearing that song and Derek Taylor who tried to hide whenever I was trying to do a photo of him. It was a challenge to ‘hunt’ the guitarist. Thanks, man! 😉

I have to say that I’m infected with the Overkill virus! And in the vein of Overkill, I’ll finish my concert review: Fuck You!

Nadja Meyer

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