Arriving at the Matrix around 6 p.m. we decided to visit the supermarket REAL next door first. At the cash desk, we met Joe who bought some PEZ. Actually, some is an understatement since he bought the whole stock of PEZ they had!

He asked us to save dinner for him since he will be busy posting the PEZ home.

At the Matrix we told Michael to save food for Joe and then took a look around. Jack spotted us and asked us to film the show for him, but the camera didn’t work! As Claudia checked it that morning and it was working…Strange.

Same set, no incidences tonight… we thought. Then during the set of ANNIHILATOR I got a call that someone in my family was badly injured in a car accident. After the first shock and some alcoholic first aid and we left head over heels…

Though the message did hit me bad, I was stunned by the loving support I received from the Bands.

(Written by Claudia and me)

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