After we dropped André off at his home and a few hours of sleep we returned the car and headed to Bochum by train.

Photo taken by Nadja Meyer.

At the hotel we met Micko, Jonas and Sigge. Some others joined us a little later.

Jeff Waters and Micko left to pick up pizza and beer. Randy Black and his girlfriend walked in and headed to their room.

Others came down. A discussion about sharing the amps started. Jimme (Jeff Waters’ guitar tech), Taz, Curran, Kyle and Jeff wanted to go downtown to see Star Wars.

We had our doubts that it was the English version and I offered to show them the way. I shouldn’t have. It was just like going with a Kindergarten group though town. Constantly someone was missing and popping up where you wouldn’t have expected them.

As we expected it was the German version and I called to let Claudia know that some of them ended up at Bochum’s ‘Bermuda Dreieck’ at the Mississippi.

BigBig and Steffie were there as well. Claudia waited until the Swedish finished their phone calls and then she, Jonas, Micko and Sigge left to meet us there.

After some drinks and food almost everybody left and Micko, Claudia and I walked back to the hotel.

It was time for us to catch our train back home. Will be great to sleep in our beds again.

(Written by Claudia and me)

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