We arrived at Works in the afternoon and said hello to the guys. Frode (Scream Magazine, Norway) was there and surprised us, since he was not planning – or telling – that he would come by. Frode had joined SEVEN WITCHES for the shows in the Czech Republic and for today.

Someone came up with the idea to go downtown and so Claudia, Frode, Jack and I entered Oliver’s Twingo and went to the city centre.

Frode and Jack were looking for a CD store. None of us knew Osnabrück and so we asked some people at the pedestrian zone.

Finally, someone told us the way to JPC store and we checked it out, but not what the guys were looking for. I asked for another store as we left JPC, but had to ask again, coz the description wasn’t very good.

Finally, we found another store which had more rock & metal to offer, but again not what they were looking for. Jack bought some cigars for Jeff in a small store and we continued our journey back to the car. Jack needed to be back for soundcheck soon. We checked out Kaufhof’s record department. No luck. Downstairs Jack and Frode found some candies, self-service and they tested some and mixed up chocolate covered nuts and almonds as well as jelly ones, ignoring that they have different prices per 100 gr.

But it worked out, coz they don’t speak German… Actually, they do speak enough to understand, but… well it’s for candy!!

We left to ‘Works’.

Everybody was busy in a way or another and then it was time for dinner. Oliver, Claudia & I went to McDonald’s and were back in time for doors.

There we first saw the hand-written posters which announced for tonight ANNIHILATOR, SEVEN WITCHES and DEBASE! Inside we learnt that due to the ticket sales they moved the show from the Sound Factory (the bigger venue/disco) to the small Cheops Soul Temple! Actually, Cheops is the catering room… Later I heard that Jeff thought about cancelling the show, but Russ and Randy talked him over.

There were just about 150 fans, but a great atmosphere and I guess that nobody did regret to play this show afterwards.

Another surprise was awaiting us: Dave and Kate came over for this show from the U.K.! Good to see them again. And someone else showed up to meet Randy… Björn from REBELLION wanted to say hi to his colleague.

In the small foyer, André had put up the merchandise in a small booth which is usually the wardrobe… We talked a little and he told us a story which happened at a show in the Czech Republic.

A fan walked over to Brian who wore a DESTINY’S END shirt and asked Brian if he ever saw the band live. Brian made a joke out of it and said that he really would like to see them one day. Seems that this guy didn’t know that Brian is/was in DESTINY’S END.

After the show, the bands were hanging out while the crew loaded and it was a strange impression, coz some regular customers of the Cheops Soul Temple arrived and were dancing to the reggae sounds!

Even stranger for us metalheads was that the songs were partly sung live by the DJ.

Anyway, everybody enjoyed it and it was fun! The band had to leave early to Zwickau and so we left around 1 a.m. and gave Frode a lift to Düsseldorf.

(Written by Claudia and me)

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