Again we had to deal with problems. The friend who wanted to drive to Vosselaar had to work! So, I called lots of friends and at least my Mom gave us her car for the weekend!

To pick up the car took longer and so we arrived at the Biebob around 7 p.m. I love my Mom and I was happy that we could get to the show, but the car was a bit embarrassing: a Seat Ibiza in white/pink stuffed with plush animals… but what the hell. It drives!

The band and crew members were happy to see us again and said that it was boring without us. Though I don’t believe it, it is nice to hear!

Sound tech BigBig was waiting for his girl and almost everybody was hanging out outside, coz the backstage area at the Biebob is pretty small I heard.

Someone from DEBASE told us that the show in Paris was great for everybody, but Zaandam was a little strange…

Nothing to tell about the shows it appears. It was hot and sweaty as usual at the Biebob and the crowd was great.

After the show some people were hanging at the venue or in front of it. Claudia met a girl from Holland who she met a few weeks ago at the ANGRA / SILENT FORCE show in Tilburg. Joyce toldher that she had won a meet & greet with SEVEN WITCHES. She took part at a competition on the Sanctuary website and won. She told that there weren’t tickets or guest list and that she bought the tickets for herself and her side-kick.

We told her to wait and Claudia went to look for Jack. I kept Joyce Company as good as I could.

Claudia first found Wade and asked him if he knew something about it. Wade was signing some stuff and told her to bring the girl. On her way back she met Jack and he took care about it.

Afterwards we all were hanging around outside until the busses had to leave. Somehow the friendship between Brian and me was disturbed b something. Maybe someone spreaded a rumor about me?I was sad, and somehow missed my new won and apparently already lost friend.

Before the buss left, Martin and Manne, the bus driver of ANNIHILATOR, had to ask Claudia again for directions to the venue in Helmond.

It was on our way and so she offered them to follow to Helmond and than to take over and lead them to Plato.

(Written by Claudia and me)

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