Arriving at the Plato around 2 p.m. we met up with the guys. Martin was off the tour and the supports had a new bus driver. Claudia, Steffie (a friend of some of the guys) and I left to the city center to fetch a coffee and we also got the frame Tazwas looking for.

Some SAVATAGE fans came from Germany to meet Jack and so they were hanging out in front of the venue.

We partly were hanging out inside and we asked Wade, Joe, Joey andANNIHILATOR drum tech Nikolei (guitarist of DECEPTION) to fill in our profiles. Funny reactions and I am sure the profiles will be very entertaining.It would have been time for dinner, but Joe Comeau said “This is more important” and smiled.

At the Plato Claudia found a flyer with the program of Zwolle’s Hedon which announced tomorrow’s ANNIHILATOR show withSEVEN WITCHES and BEDARE! She told our new Swedish friends and they made jokes about it.

Actually I expected more fans to show up for this show. Anyway, DEBASE had a good start, even if most fans kept standing in the back. The few in the front row enjoyed the show and by the end more stood in front.

Claudia and I helped again to take the DEBASE equipment off stage, since we at least wanted to do something for their hospitality.

Time for SEVEN WITCHES and it seemed that quiet a few fans came to see the Americans not as much as for ANNIHILATOR, but…During the ANNIHILATOR set Taz had some problems. The stored programs were gone! Taz managed to figure a way around and the show continued without a break.

But that weren’t the only problems today. After the show a drunken Dutch guy started trouble and Kyle got into a fight with him. After a bloody nose, a friend of the drunk tried to keep him under control while Claudia tried to keep Kyle separated from him. I went hunting for a towel to stop the bleeding and found Taz instead. He came in like a Tasmanian devil and got between the fighting parties.

Claudia finally called for the security. Luckily it just ended up in the bloody nose for both and a few bruises. Blood drops on cases and on the floor, but that’s it. Time to load!

It was almost 2 a.m. when the busses were leaving and again we followed them. Same arrangement than the night before. But surprisingly the busses didn’t have to the motorway, but took the smaller road to s’Hertogenbosch. After about 30 km the busses stopped, warning lights were switched on and Manne came to ask us for directions. Claudia took over and led them to Zwolle. On our way Manne had to refill the water tank. A normal day on tour.

In Zwolle we left the busses at a bus stop to check out the best way for them. After driving a thousand times around and checking the town maps provided at the street corners, we picked them up a little later to soon arrived at the Hedon save and sound. By now it was past 6 a.m.

(Written by Claudia and me)

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