I always dreamed of traveling. Even as little girl. Airplanes and far distant destinations have been daily food for thought. I wanted to see the pyramids and hieroglyphs in the hot Egyptian sun, the temples of old in India with their exotic statues of god and goddesses. Natural beauty as the northern lights or the great barrier reef.
But above all I love the idea of road trips. No real destination, not time table and getting lost once in a while. And if you think road-trip, lots of people right away associate that with America, maybe route 66 but certainly ridiculous road side attractions such as the biggest ball of yarn or the smiling sausage in a bun which is happily waving to every passer by.
Danny Vaughn describes it quite well in “just like that” (one of my favorite songs)

“… No destination so they can’t get lost,
Talking to strangers in truck stops,
And learning what they can about life
I want to be just like that,
A little crazy but my heart’s intact,
I want to feel the love every day of my life,…”

Now I am sitting in an airplane – still about 4 hours to go – and am on my way to exactly such an adventure…..

I couldn’t believe for a long time, that this really is going to happen, but in the plane and having just passed greenland, I can’t deny it 😛
We are going to spend first a few days in Austin Texas – music capital of the US, as they say – and start our road trip from there.
We planned our trip with Roadtrippers.com. Unfortunately per trip, you are only allowed a certain amount of way-points, so we split up the trip in two.

I can’t wait to get started. You can make dreams come true at least when the stars align it seems…

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