We have reached that critical point in any round trip:
We reached the furthest possible point and have to “Turn Back”.

It doesn’t mean the trip is over, but for me psychologically something always changes at that point every time I have been on such a trip.  Of course, you still will encounter amazing things and there is still lots to discover and lots of things on our list. However somewhere in the back of your mind – and it might be just oh so silently – a voice is telling you, you are on your way home. If you like it or not. In our case, it’s still 1,5 month before we get on that plane and leave the ‘new country’ behind, so its a veeery silent voice right now 😛

Occasionally I get asked if I am homesick yet. I’m not.
But I am glad about the contact I can keep with home. Traveling is crazy and the timezones don’t make it much more easy at times. Technology, however does. You just can leave messages at any time of the day and it will reach the other person when its most convenient for them. Yes, Postcards did the same, but it would take a month rather than 24 hours until you get in touch.
Even if I am not homesick, I do miss my cat, family and friends at occasions.

In these instances, it’s the little things that make this trip even more special and the missing bearable.
Due to technology people people can check in with you, letting you know that they think of you, or miss you. Despite the time difference and the crazy life everybody is leading in a world of meetings, stress and haste. The little things are the things that make or brake a relationship, romantic or platonic and I seem blessed with some individuals.

Thank you for your support on this crazy trip and for reminding me I am missed and I have something to come back home to.
Turning around is so much more easy because of you guys!


  1. Hi there Nadja,
    Reading all the Blogs and seeing all the pictures I can’t help but feel a little jealous.
Hope you’re really enjoying it all.
Never been to the States but maybe I should look into it.
    Enjoy the rest of your stay and remember…
Keep it weird

    Erik Bousema
    1. Hey Erik,
      good to hear from you.
It is getting a bit used to how things role here but it is an amazing experience.
I am sure you would love it too.
      We had the ’empty’ part of the country, now (after I recovered from being ill) we go down the coast and hop over to Hawaii.
      Hope you are ok over there and not driven to crazy,


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