Hass was very excited as we left Seattle to finally visit his Favorite: Vancouver.

Photo taken by Nadja Meyer.

But first, we had some breakfast in a diner Marc advised us. Complete with vinyl seats, a jukebox that you could ‘remote control’ from your table and lots of pop art memorabilia like a Batman figure and a gigantic guitar. We ate way too much this morning and probably that was the reason I didn’t feel well on our way to the Canadian border.

On the way we drove through some wooded lands and I was sure to have seen something move in the distance. My mind shaped it like a moose… maybe?!

After being quite a while in the queue to enter Canada it took not long before we arrived in Vancouver. The Airbnb was lovely with a great view and location. Unfortunately we had bad luck with the weather and our characters finally grated on each others nerves. My wish to visit places spontaneously did not resonate with Hass wish to research each cafe or bar before entering.

Still we made the best of it after we cleared the air and had a pleasant 2 days.

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