We have visited Thor’s Well and the sea-lion caves today. Thor’s well was Hass’ view item today and the sea-lions mine.

You can guess wich of the two worked out well and which was a slight disappointment, but I am running ahead.

Thor’s well is a natural hole in the rock formation wich makes the water well up and explode to fountains with every wave from the ocean. I could watch the play for hours. You have to cross some tidal pools to get there, which are an adventure in themselves.

The sea-lion caves are a bit further down the highway and usually hundreds of sea-lions are playing feeding and living in the caves. You have to pay a – not even small – fee to go in. You start our at the cliff side and could see them play in the waves and from there you take an elevator into the cave itself.

Hass didn’t feel up to join me for the elevator-cave bit, so we first had a look around outside. But besides a caterpillar and 2 really far away sea lions, we couldn’t find much to look at.

Than I took the elevator down and behold, I found an empty cave!
Of course every sea-lion on the west cost decided to visit relatives on the east coast or maybe down in San Francisco for the day and they left nothing but the smell.

What do you think?: