I am sick again. We are still speculating if it is just a bug I somehow caught at the festival or if it is the stress catching up with me. Maybe too sensitive, maybe just running on empty for too long.
Who knows. But I guess most of the ‘hard things’ have been done now… so if it is the stress it should die down soon….

I talked with Arnold and he agrees that its a good idea to do this. I also put the ball in the court of my employer. Either I quit or get unpaid leave. I told some of my friends and said goodbye to someone I care deeply about. Still gotta see Oliver and my Granny say a proper goodbye. That might be still emotional, but it’s not forever… and the excitement will be overshadowing the missing. In the beginning, at least I’m sure. I want to plan a going-away party and I still have some shopping, paperwork and webpage preparing to do. but I also still have 65 days or 9 weekends to go. Should be fine 😛

What I am going on about?
I am going to Austin Texas in the United States of America. Flying over the big water to the lone-star state. My head full of romantic cowboy and sunset images, listening to all the country I can stand – which I have to admit is not a lot yet 🙂
Well, I guess that gets on the list of to-do items: Learn to love it! 😛

I’ve been dreaming about faraway destinations as long as I can think. And it couldn’t come at a better time in my life I think. Never, however,  was Texas included in my daydreams.
As it is my way, I’ve researched Austin and I’m amazed that you hear so little about this liberal heart in the sea of conservationism.

“Keep Austin wired” is the cities motto and touches one of my heart stings, to begin with. If you read on, you then discover that Austin is a breeding ground for bats (yes the flying critters), musicians, comedians and artists of all sorts. It’s always warm and due to the desert sands, they have incredible sunsets. The people are supposed to be genuine friends and I love bbq and Mexican food. So how did this never end up on my radar? I have no clue, but every time I opened a digital travel guide or a blog about Austin, I find something else amazing and charming and wired that makes me fall in love with this city already.

I am aware of the danger to get disappointed quite badly later if reality is nowhere near the described situations. But if only 10% is true of what I read, only the ocean is missing for my own personal utopia. Then again, Austin is 3,5h away from the ocean by car and also 3 h flight from the amazing diving locations in Mexico.
Besides that, Austin has a dive club which goes once a month to a nearby lake to dive. So even my diving needs could be satisfied.

By now David and I made a list of things we want to see. Way more than we ever could fit in the time we have to spend on frolicking around 😛
But daydreaming seems to pay out in the end.

For now, though I have to quit daydreaming and let reality erase the beautiful pictures in my mind of wild flying bats, swimming pools, biker boots, trail rides, drive-in cinemas, thunderstorms and sunsets… I am still at work. At least another 55 days…and then I can prepare, Adventure waits….just around the next ‘timebend’…

What do you think?: