16 days till I hand in my official resignation if I don’t hear back on my request for temporary leave.
52 days until I stop working and can prepare.
62 days until David (Hass) and I will board that enormous blue-white plane to start the adventure.

It’s fun to think about that day for us. He will be all relaxed and ‘just another flight’ and I will be exited and scared and hyper…

As I’m writing these lines, he is preparing to board exactly one of such monsters. People to meet, things to do areas to scout… All in a days work for that (and other) CEO’s.

I’m on the other hand well-travelled in Europe. And a quick intermezzo in Egypt. Nothing to prepare me for this adventure though I’m sure.

I can see myself, standing there at the gate with my backpack, travel pillow and guide books in hand. Taking The first step into the connection tunnel and realizing for the hundred and the first time that day, that dreaming is over. It will feel for me a fraction like it must have felt for the first space travellers boarding that space ship.

No doubt I’ll annoy the heck out of David with watching the clouds pass by for hours… Dreaming of the future 3 months..,

What do you think?: