I’ve been flying commercial from a very young age. Not often but frequently. As Arnold reminded me this morning, I’m the one that does the administration and keeping the tickets and sorting out where to go when.

And yet I never had to fly alone and I am nervous as hell.

Photo taken by Nadja Meyer.
Waiting for my first flight solo

It’s not flying. I’ll be fine as soon as I’m through security I guess. Though I’m a gadget freak, certain modern things make me nervous as I am figuring more often now. Electronic boarding passes is one example. Luckily I am adaptable and I trust technique (as long as i have a backup print of course ;))


Now that I managed to find my way, convinced security I am no threat and had my first coffee of the day I feel silly even have had to blink at the thought of getting to this point on my own.
Its an awesome thing and so much fun to sit here and watch people.

This shows again, lots of fears are in between your ears.
If you want to do something you are afraid of, just give it a shot anyway! Maybe it’s not that bad after all.

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