I have belongings to store. I rented a storage room at MyPlace for that. I’ve yet to drive the stuff there though.

I have contracts to sign. Meetings are booked but the ink isn’t dry…

I need to pack one time to test if I actually can fit everything in my suitcase. I’ll do that next weekend.

I went to the bank. That is something that is now finished. Yay me!

23 days 11 hours 34 minutes until lift off, should be ok *grin*

The Doctor | Hass

I have ordered the businescards, the logbook is done ordered and arrived the other day, my suitcase has been packed for weeks. Somehow it feels more real when he is standing ther nearly ready to leave. I managed all paperwork and bought most stuff that you think you need and in the end never use.Just one insurance and the diving doctor to go, saying goodby to all we leave behind and hopefully make a tinsy bit jealouse.

23 days 11 hours 34 minutes until lift off, 20 days 11 hours 34 minutes to long for my taste *grin*

Nadja | The Companion

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