Sitting here, sorting orders and listening to my music, I figured that I sure have a lot of songs telling me to jump with both feet first. Seize the day, don’t regret, don’t wait, be a child at heart and so on.

I always dreamed of doing that and having the balls but I never have seen the opportunity. But I am wondering now, could it be that I was just too afraid to see the path? Too afraid to jump?

I had a conversation with David yesterday and we both had the feeling, that we didn’t have a person before in our life, who felt the same about travelling as we do.
People tell me: “if you want to travel that badly, just go on your own” but it’s not the same. Yes, I want to see the world, but a big chunk of that dream is actually, sharing the adventure with someone.

One of my first memories of wanting the American road trip was after having seen the “Crazy” video from Aerosmith. Of course, after that, I have read and seen lots more that just confirmed that wish for me, but when I daydreamed I always had someone (male or female) by my side. Someone to share the sunset with or to look with amazement over the grand canyon till our eyes meet and I see the same thill in his/her eyes. To have someone on the road that makes you see the beauty when you are tired or that makes you laugh when everything just goes peer shaped and to which you can return the favor… Yes, you can travel alone and it would be amazing, but sharing always gives you so much more back in return!

I’m excited that I might have to find another madman to finally jump with both feet first, Seize the day, don’t regret, don’t wait, be a child at heart and so on……

What do you think?: