Arnold and I have been together for 13 great years and as every relationship, ours had it’s up’s and down’s and I loved the time we spend together.

We envisioned to get old together and spend the rest of our life’s fulfilling our dreams as a unit. Unfortunately, though we still have deep feelings for one and another, in the course of last year it became more and more clear that instead of having the same goals, dreams and vision of the future, we changed to much in opposite directions. What we want in life is no longer the same and hasn’t been for some time now. 

Even though we still care for each other, we don’t think living together is the way to happiness for either of us.

As a consequences I will look for different shores and start over somewhere other than in the Netherlands. It would pain me to much to keep walking the same streets and besides one of my dreams always had been traveling and finding a place under the sun that I can call home.

Lots of people have the ill notion of having to pick sides. That is not necessary in our case at all. Our decision is purely because we want to see the other happy. Therefore we can be all grown-ups and friends.

Though I haven’t made peace with it, the healing process started.

What do you think?: