Since all other weekends are booked by birthdays or other previous social appointments we celebrate early my leaving the country.

My friends came by – even if late – to have a drink and reflect. The weather was quite nice but not as warm as we hoped.
I got surprised with presents and things to make me remind me of my friends abroad. It was heartwarming.

But that’s the only warming thing as the sun slowly set πŸ˜›
It was the beginning of summer, but I was freezing. Even though I ordered a cocktail. After all its summer and I will pretend it is warm enough πŸ˜›

Ahkron also brought his swords and we did some sparring rounds. That kept me warm and Marije tried herself as a warrior too, whilst the rest moved inside to keep warm and as we joined them later, we continue the gathering till the beach pavilion finally closed.

It was a nice evening and I was glad to have seen my friends before we start our big, epic adventure.

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