We have been living for about a month, that we are living in London now and I spend 2 days in town central. I had to do some paperwork. And that’s how we arrive at the title…..

Getting paperwork done here seems even more difficult than in Germany. Germany loves paper and hierarchy, they bask and bathe in the glory of forms and following the rule to the letter. Yet I dare say the rules obey at least to the basic principle of logic. For example, a rental agreement is a proof of address. Together with your passport, you are able to do a number of things in Germany… Not so in the UK.

Here you need a utility bill, I got told at a lot of places. So somehow you can not just add your name to the bill, but you could sneak your name on a tenancy agreement or even falsify such an official paper?! Something along these lines. Two mornings I had to come into town. Once for registering a social number so I can actually look for work and the second time to give it another try to open a bank account.
Both have been actually more painful than a dentist appointment and more infuriating than oxford street just before Christmas.

And as contrast, the beauty of London – especially during the sunrise – is breathtaking. If you manage to get through the paper war, London has all I could wish for. Culture, beauty, sophistication, grubbiness…. and on and on… I’m excited about what time might bring!

What do you think?: