We started thinking about our future. Maybe a bit early but I guess thats a good thing. Means we see a future together and we both dream ‘forbidden dreams’. The ones, you know are air castles but are to good not to dream. And we are in tune with what we don’t want. We are even in tune with what we want: We have not the slightest clue.

Basically we have 2 scenarios in our head. In both it must be viable to earn enough to still go travel.

First one is a life at the beach with see view and walking distance to the sea, restaurants, shops and if we are really lucky art and culture.
That lifestyle however is expensive. Not only are the properties but also the temptation of going out too much and spending all our travel money in beach bars and restaurants is a high chance. Also supermarkets and shops are priced for rich tourists.
Benefits are of course being able too go and not drive to restaurants, sea smell and the energy I get from watching the sea.

Than the second life still is the absolute opposite of the social life of beach dwellers. We imagine a fink inland. We would have a small portion we would turn into a B&B for guest and maybe 4 or so motorcycles that we could rent to the guests.I could run the home business, and we’d have chickens, goats, mules and a fruit orchard. Hass would keep working until we saved up a bit and he can go and make a motorcycle mechanics course. Maybe i join him on that for our adventure biking we still want to do. and though this life wouldn’t make us rich it would be fulfilling, the renting of room and bikes would maybe get us +-0 and we would be growing our own vegetables and only substitute some meat to the diet. That would bring us closer to the land and execrate our happiness.

What do you think?: