I’ve been thinking today about my blog.
For one I really want to program again and secondary, there is to much ‘old life’ stuff in it. I merged this blog with my poetry and the USA travel blog and thought about what to change else.

I personally love the song-themed categories and menu items but I understand if none else can figure it out. Also It gets more difficult with every extra category I want to display. Maybe I should change it to something more neutral after all!? 
I haven’t decided yet. I am open to suggestions here though 🙂

I also looked at content and decided that I want to give my photography and art more room. I always say that, but then I am too shy to actually upload it. 

I kept my poetry separate from the blog until now so I could write anonymously. Not only because I think I am mediocre at best but also because people have on occasion misinterpreted my texts. I am ready to embrace my mediocerness and for the other reason I did hide in a dark themed digital hole: Yes, I write inspired by my life and my feelings but No, not all of my song lyrics and poetry is the truth and nothing but the truth. It is not entirely what I am feeling in that particular moment. I let myself be inspired by the emotion, take a magnifying glass and than create something else from it. When I write about eternal “Julia&Romeo”-love, I am very aware, that death is not the answer. However it makes for good poetry. 
So, when you find a resembles yourself or our conversations in one of my poems I want to stress here, that it is art and mostly fictional. Names, places and circumstances feelings might be based on a glimmer of reality but the art displayed here under ‘Poets & Madman’ is fictional. Any coincidence with the names and circumstances of persons living or dead is therefore somewhat accidental.

I am not really active with my arts & craft anymore, and that has sadly to do with the moving and my emotional state. I need rest and space in my head to dare to create. I also need to be bored a little and not to be worrying about something or the other. I know to some this might sound funny but it makes perfect sense to me. I seem to finally after a bit more than 2 years I get to the right frame of mind again. As soon as my ‘studio’  has no more moving boxes and I have taken stock of what paint and clay needs replacing, I see myself starting this up again and I want to collect some of my projects here. To inspire others and to be able to reflect on less productive days how far I’ve actually come. 

Photography started to play a bigger role in my life again and I am flattered by some of my friends compliments. So I should commit and choose some pictures I am proud of and display them in galleries. Maybe here and there someone would like to have a print for their wall, you never know.  For now I have to practice a bit more to frame Spain right. It is really beautiful, but I seem to have a natural eye for city and architect photography but way more trouble with vast space.

And last, I want to try to be more frequent with writing. I love the process. I don’t mind to have virtually no readers compared to the big blog pages. I understand that the nature of my blogposts are very individualistic to interest more than my friends and maybe not even them, but I am at peace when I write. 

We will see what ends up here and what I scrap again.

What do you think?: