Posing for the interview

After we did that strange interview in Dortmund we wanted to do an update, for that Wacken seemed to be right. But this time everything started to go wrong again. The time schedule of the label and the time they gave me varied and so I was about 30 minutes too late. We didn’t know whose fault it was, but anyway Timo wanted to see Bruce Dickinson and actually me too. So we fixed a date for the next day. At the evening he joked a bit around. He tries to shock me with cancelling the date for the next day…

And he really wasn’t there the next day! But it was not his fault; coz there was no possibility to come to the festival site in time. Nobody knew what time he will arrive and for me the interview was cancelled.

Later at this day I saw him arrive and he was so kind to do it spontaneously. I didn’t expected that the interview will take place and due to the heat and the chaotic situation the interview was chaotic as well

We went into the interview tent and I took out my stuff. I placed the microphone in front of him and started the tape. First he act like he tries to eat the microphone…

“I’m just a singer. Not a musician”

Kotipelto – Wacken: 

What a beginning! Afterwards we started talking about the next record of STRATOVARIUS “I think it’s going good. There are only some vocals missing for three songs on the album and some majestic guitars. And some backing vocals and some orchestration, but the rest is done. Two more weeks, I guess. I’ll go back to the studio on Monday.” Answer the simpatico Finish guy with a smile. Last time he told us something about a planed photo session and I was curious what the fans can expect from that. “The photo session was very, very good. The photographer is from France… She is a very good one, but I haven’t seen any photos, yet. So I have no idea!”

So we have to wait ‘til they will be released! I was curious, what Timo thinks about his future. His solo album was received very well and so the show. “It’s quit simple! Next couple of years I will spend my time with STRATOVARIUS, anyway. The next album is coming out in January, than there is a lot of touring. We will tour Europe during next April for about one month. It will be in bigger venues and a little less shows. Than festivals during the summer… And more touring for Stratovarius. Than South American, Japan…” Two shows left for Kotipeltos Waiting For The Dawn before the blond singer will return to the stages with his main band. Unfortunately he only plays in Finland, at the 4th of September in Helsinki and at the 5th in a town which is about 300 km away from the Finish capital. I missed the show at Wacken and so I promised to show up in Helsinki. “Do you think about doing a 2nd solo album?” He smiled and said “Aaaaalll the time! No, to be honest I have some songs already, but it depends on a few things. I don’t have any exact ideas for the next album, if I‘ll do it. How I said earlier, STRATOVARIUS stays the main band and if I have enough time beside that, I’ll do it. All the reactions have been much more positive than I expected for Waiting For The Dawn, but they are all liars!”

Posing for the interview

“How was Wacken for you this time?” “Totally cool”, he answered “And terrible like always. Two year ago I burned my hand and now the fucking wind annoyed everybody!” The wind wasn’t the only problem, he told me. There were some problems with tuning, the lights and stage as well due to the storm. Poor guy! We joked about what he plans for next year and if they’ll play in Wacken again. “Maybe you should request that the rivers are of blood or something like that!” And he replied ”I did that for this year, but there where some delivery problems. Maybe next year? Or maybe some earthquakes?”

At that point we didn’t found some serious topic and so we stopped the tape. During the interview we had a lot of fun and I’m very happy he took the time for talking to me! I’m looking forward to see the gig in Helsinki, otherwise to see him again with STRATOVARIUS!

Nadja Meyer

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