After a Odyssey of train delays, strange talks which should help me, but confused me more, even more strange help of a ticket controller and a very nice stranger, who helped me out I arrived at Zeche Carl 10 minutes before the support should start.

Like often – am I to young or just too ignorant?!? – I had no clue who THRESHOLD are and what I have had to expect.  Just because of the merchandise I figured out HEAVEN’S CRY from a French part of Canada are today’s supports.

It is in Montreal and the early ‘90s as HEAVEN’S CRY was formed. Their first demo was recorded in 1993. Afterwards the modern prog rock band played three years as support for bands like SAGA or MARILLION till they recorded the first album with the record deal by Hypnotic Records (Canada). Food For Thought Substitute was first just released in Japan. One year later it came to Europe and Canada and got quite good response by the magazines. 2000 Rene Lacharite (drums) and Eric Jarrin (guitar) joined HEAVEN’s CRY and made the Line-Up complete.

For me it was strange to behold three guitars on stage, but I should see that it’s not to much. For Heaven’s Cry the few shows with Threshold is a good way to promote their new album Primal Power Addiction.

Very fast the Canadian got the maybe 100 people under their spell. Mostly everybody was waving or slapping the ground with their feeds. Not bad for the normally very shy crowd of Zeche Carl. The set was started by the songs Higher and the very catchy Out Of Me before they played something Masterdom which is from the new album. Very beautiful was the changing singing between Sylvain Anclair (Bass) and Pierre St-Jean (Guitar). In my opinion You’re Gods and Alchemist were the sparkling lights in this nice set. The paying of the whole band seemed to be one – a whole thing. HEAVEN’S CRY was a good choice a support for the British number one of progressive metal.

After the usual break I have had the honour to enjoy the in 1988 original formed band THRESHOLD. Because of the new album Critical Mass the British opened with Phenomenon. It was fun to see how Singer “Mac” the spotlight did enjoyed. He started directly to fool around with his band and with some people out of the crowed. During Choices he fooled around with a photographer which climbed up a ladder to take better pictures or he told the crowed between Turn On Tune In and Ocean bound about a bet he would win, if he just blows up his belly till he looks pregnant. He won 20€ by the way right on the stage ;-)….

But the others warmed up during the gig as well! Very fascinating was drummer Johanne James which joint the band 1996. Beside his coloured skin, which nearly let him become invisible on the black background –You just saw the smile and the flying sticks- he was fantastic behind his drums. Every timing did fit and the power he put into his playing was incredible. John Jeary pinpointed his playing with the drums and sashayed in his own grumpy style over the stage. And Keyboarder Richard West just smiled the whole set about his band, but didn’t forgot to wave his beautifully sound carpets and imaginative soli. “Mac” was all the time wondering that every time he started talking (mostly in German) it would be that quiet in the hall like in his living room. Now the hall was filled wit a 200 nosed crowed. Between Falling Away and Freaks the last pieces of ice on the stages was melting and Karl Groom and Nick Midson started to animate the visitors as well. The mood of the crowd and the musicians seems to grow minute by minute. Especially Karls soulful solo parts convinced me and the crowd.

Some nice words to the sound engineer and Light tech as well… they did a great job today. Even if Zeche Carl is not the best place to make something out of it!

The set of THRESHOLD kept at least one song of each album they ever made and the audience was glowing for the music and the musicians which act sympathy and natural.

At least “Mat” jumped into the crowed and watched his band playing. And like we did, he liked what he saw. And it was Paradox how fast the time passed by and with that song the set was unfortunately over. I was amazed that even if the musicians are great, the song always was the centre and that the music still can touch you.

My result: I’m really happy I got the chance to see THRESHOLD live and even if you think it’s not your coup of tea, just try it one time. It will be an experience anyway!

What do you think?: