That’s the question I sometimes ask myself. And of course, that goes hand in hand with the question of what is my passion. Considering that you should follow your passion, it is quite an important question too.

As many people before me and doubtlessly will have come after me, I had and have phases of discovering fun things to do and I have talents, but I just can’t manage to specialize.
As I was still visiting chat rooms, people have been stunned by the number of things I tried, enjoy or miss doing. To me, it never felt as if it was that much. A bit eclectic and a strange mix of things but I didn’t feel that I had more experiences and things tried than any other person of my age.

I know now that this assessment is wrong. Listing all things I have enjoyed doing for a longer period of time, or had courses in, reads rather strange and as if I am a quitter. I’m not sure this label is really accurate though. I rather think of myself as someone who changed and adapted with the resources and situations around her. It is hard to keep sword fighting when you can’t find a partner or flying a plane if the next airport is 2h away.

Photo taken by Nadja Meyer.
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So, I did sword fighting, performing on medieval markets, acting, singing, soapstone shaping, car driving, photography, graphic design, flying glider and small motor planes, paint with all sorts of medium, bake, special effects makeup, diving, designing tattoos, studio music mixing, fire breathing, touring with a band, creating jewelry, sewing, animal care at a veterinarian, cooking, motorbike riding, inline skating, swimming and crafts of all sorts.

This is just a few that I could come up with in under a minute and which I enjoyed doing. I’m sure there is more if I would give it a long think or would add several jobs to it I held over the years.

Why do I bring this up? Because I want to find out how to find your bliss. Loads of people say “You just feel it when you are doing it”
But with a 3rd of these activities, I felt at one with the world and myself. Is that the passion everyone is looking for and if so, why don’t I feel it for one activity stronger than for others? How do you find that one passion? The thing you are supposed to do for the rest of your life and get amazing skills at it because you have specialized. Maybe it is a myth and there is not just one true passion, one purpose you are on this earth to fulfill. Just like there is not only one true love for you, one soulmate?!

I don’t know. I feel bliss when I go out and see the world through my camera. But I am equally happy fiddling with little bits of shiny wire to make a beautiful bracelet or push pixels till I have a new design that makes my customer proud of his product.

However, any one of these activities starts feeling stale when I do them too often. I can’t see the beauty around me anymore or the patience is missing whilst trying to get a tiny wire in a more tiny hole and don’t get me started about revisions.

But does that only mean I am multifaceted or easily distracted?

Have you found your bliss and if so, how? Please let me know in the comment section.

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