Come for the view, stay for the dead

In this blog post, the author shares their fascination with cemeteries and their experience visiting Cemitério dos Prazeres, also known as the Cemetery of Pleasures, in Lisbon. The post includes personal reflections on the cultural and historical significance of burial practices, as well as stunning photographs of the cemetery’s monuments, mausoleums, and crypts. The author describes the peaceful and contemplative atmosphere of the cemetery, where visitors can explore and reflect on the lives and legacies of those who have passed on. This blog post would be a great addition to a travel or art blog, and could be titled “Exploring the Cemetery of Pleasures in Lisbon: A Journey Through History and Culture.”

Hermit Crab

lament, weep, bewail, bemoan; suffer.Grieve, mourn imply showing sufferingcaused by sorrow. Grieve is the strongerword, implying deepmental sufferingoften endured alone and in silencebut revealed by one’saspect: to grieveover the loss(or death) of a friend.Mourn usually refersto manifestingsorrow outwardly, either with or withoutsincerity: to mourn From about grieving I have trouble with that. Partially because people think I should go out and be around people. I try and follow their advice, but I just …

Good Bye Gary and Kyle

Sometimes living is hard. One reason is, you have to say goodbye to dear people. And sometimes, these people haven’t even been your friends or close to you, but somewhere along the way they made a deep impact on your life and you feel a void when you find out they have left this earth.

Two of these fine specimen just did so in a short space of time.
Kyle Sabel and Gary Muchmore.

I knew both from being on tour with Savage and others back in 2002 and stayed in touch with them ever since. Not frequented and just light hearted but we allways had fun when we met each other back on the road. It was amazing to me, that after all these years and all the people they met, they remembered me and welcomed me. Both had a heart of gold, an amazing sense of humour and it was a pleasure to be around them.

As with many in the music community, they helped me keep heart, when I thought I would not have the strength to be on the road any longer. They saw in me a passion for touring and shared with me this strange love without judging me.

Hundreds of people wrote on their facebook walls and shed tears and even though I am just one of the many, I ad my voice to the quire in saying:

You will be missed.

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My sweet angel

My sweet angel died at the age of 45 through a Heart attack and was dead immediately. Nothing prepared us for the shock and loneliness we should experience to this day and forth on. Plans still had been made before and ideas were talked over and nothing changed the terrible …